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25 June 2007 @ 12:13 am
Andddd we're back! A wee-bit later than anticipated, but back nonethless. I hope everyone enjoyed the break, did well on their finals and are thoroughly enjoying their school break!

So, to bring us back into swing of things, this challenge will be and OPEN CHALLENGE. Feel free to make up to two icons in the Charmed fandom (obviously!) featuring whomever you'd like. No restrictions whatsoever. I know I personally haven't made an icon in over a month, so the last thing I need is stuff holding me back. Have fun! Is there a trend you've been wanting to try out? Want to practice on including text in your icons? Whatever you'd like, go ahead!

Only stipulation is that it can't have been an icon you entered into a challenge (any icon challenge) before. It doesn't necessarily have to be a new icon, but it can't have been entered anywhere before.

Make sense? I hope so!

As always, submit them in the following format. Entries will be due Saturday June 30th. All entries are to be submitted as new entries to the community.

Welcome back guys!


P.S. This is Xenia on a new name. *waves* And from the looks of it, Haleigh has changed her name as well.
ordinary_dream >> everyline
abrightsky >> unspell
05 May 2007 @ 09:20 pm

ordinary_dream and I have decided to put the community on hiatus since we haven't been getting very many entries and since most of our participants are studying for finals be it for high school or college. The community should come off of hiatus in the beginning of June sometime. We hope to see you when we come back!
02 May 2007 @ 08:49 am
Since we had no entries for our text challenge we're going to end that challenge and post a new one. This challenge will be HQ stills from the episode 6x06 - My Three Witches.


You may submit up to three entries, so long as you use different pictures and keep them in the same post. Post your submissions as a new entry to the community in the following format. Voting will go up Thursday the 10th.

29 April 2007 @ 08:58 am
I tried a new banner style, let me know what you think.

by unspell

by unspell

by ordinary_dream

unspell's choice:
by erniemay

Congrats to the winners! Thanks for those that voted for me! Upload banners to your own server please, thanks!

Also we still have no entries in our current challenge, text, so please enter.
27 April 2007 @ 09:21 pm
If you haven't voted in the poll please do so. There's a 4-way tie for third place that I've been waiting to be broke. Results will be posted Sunday (or Sat if it gets broken sooner).

We haven't recieved any entries for the current challenge text. It'll be extended for one week, and you can now enter up to three icons. It's pretty much a free-reighn challenge, you can make any icon, featuring anyone in the fandom you'd like, and all you have to do is add at least one legible word. Have fun with it!
22 April 2007 @ 08:11 pm
This week's challenge is a theme challenge. Your challenge is to make icon(s) and you must include text on the icons. This doesn't include tiny text, the text must be legible. The text is completely up to you, it can be one word or an entire lyric.

You may submit up to two icons, so long as you use different pictures and post them as new entries to the community in one entry. And in the following format: